Thailand is well-known as an agricultural country and has an optimum geological environment for insect farming. REED cooperates with Thai community local insect farming partners to build a sustainable agricultural concept with the community and to empower an economic movement from non-industrialization area. People will be able to work and establish in their hometown to generate steadily incomes, which will elevate rural farmer livelihoods as well.

REED is originated from the second syllable of a cricket in Thai. จิ้งหรีด, a cricket in Thai, is pronounced as “jing’reed”. Moreover, the word REED is also a homophone to “lead” in English, in which we are determined to be a leader in cricket farming and production. Our company has a solid network with cricket farmers and cricket processing manufacturers. To reach an optimum environment for the best quality products, our production sites are based in the central and eastern part of Thailand. We are able to distribute our non-GMO cricket products globally with GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. The customization of products to serve any request or any country’s regulation is available upon requests.